Workshops and Webinars

Workshops / training

Various PERSONAL GROWTH and SOFT SKILL development opportunities are provided through pre-designed and tailor-made sessions.

This includes 1 to 4 sessions and are orientated towards a combination of PSYCHO-EDUCATION and PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES with a focus on participation and gaining of knowledge and skills.

Collaboration and inclusion of other professionals are done as needed to meet the specific needs of clients and participants.

Some of the popular topics include: Personal well-being and health, Building resilience, Communication and Conflict management, Building emotional intelligence, Self-regulation in children, Team building, Trauma management, etc (to name a few).


Webinars / talks and events

1-to-2-hour WEBINARS are hosted and presented on different topics throughout the year.  These topics are tailored to clients’ needs and/or based on current topics or challenges.

SHORT EDUCATIONAL TALKS at events like Baby showers, Schools-talks, Antenatal talks, etc. are also offered on request and on specific dates throughout the year.

Some popular topics include: Various parenting challenges, Digital media and children/teens, Overcoming Trauma, Personal growth and well-being, etc.

Please contact us to share your ideas or needs and also visit our social media pages for more information on up-coming events.