Individual Therapy

Individual counselling or therapy covers a broad range of life challenges faced by adults, students, adolescents, and children.

Adults might experience challenges related to stress management, relational issues, depression, anxiety, personal growth / balanced living, etc.

Children, adolescents, and students might have challenges with peer pressure, self-esteem and identity, bullying, academic pressure, or other emotional and behavioral issues.

For each of these challenges there are options and solutions through Individual therapy or counselling.

Couples Counselling

It is natural for relationships to be tested and stretched to the maximum as it evolves and changes through time.

But still, two heads are better than one and couples can achieve a lot when they work together as a team or partners to get a solution that will suit both.

Through couples counselling, a couple is equipped with the right tools to deal with challenges and tests in alternative manners, while still growing as individuals and as partners.

The Parental Unit (Parents as Partners) is one such important relationship, where couples must work and grow together through relationship and parenting challenges in order to create a happy and healthy home for all.

Trauma Debriefing and Counselling

Trauma Debriefing and Counselling

When a person experiences a traumatic event such as a robbery, accident, or loss, it might be difficult to deal and cope with the psychological effect of the traumatic event.  An unresolved trauma could have a negative effect on various aspects of the person’s life, relationships, functioning and general motivation. Trauma debriefing and counselling is an important tool for people to overcome, cope with and even grow through the traumatic and untimely event.

Webinars and Workshops -

Webinars and Workshops

A variety of psycho-educational opportunities are available through webinars, workshops and other events that cover different topics.  These may be pre-designed or tailored to your need.

We pride ourselves on providing good quality, insightful and practical information and guidance based on research and knowledge during these events.

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