Digital Media, Screen Habits and your Family

Technology and digital media are part of almost all the aspects of our daily lives.

While it is developing at a rate we cannot imagine, and it is almost impossible to keep up with all the developments, we can still be well informed and up to date with the things that is most relevant to us and our families.

Basic knowledge might help a child, adolescent, and adult to manage and safely navigate out of uncharted waters or situations we might unwittingly find ourselves in during an online search or expedition.

Here are some interesting findings that might already be quite informative.

Did you know?

  • South African children are spending 45 (and more) full 24-hour days per year on screens.
  • Parents (on average) are more unaware of the things their children are experiencing or exposed to online.
  • The most searched for topics amongst grade 8’s are Depression and Friendships.
  • Nothing shared between two devices are truly temporary – even if it is marketed that way.

All is not doom and gloom though as screens and digital media and technology also contribute in a positive and meaningful manner to our lives if we use it in a responsible and informed manner. The responsibility still lies with every individual!


Here is a free downloadable information booklet to help and guide you with the challenges around digital media, screen habits and your family.