Individual and Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

Everyone has the need and desire to live a good life. Still, despite our best efforts, we sometimes do experience various situations and emotions that go beyond our skill, capacity or resources .  This may affect our daily functioning and/or interaction and relationships.

Individual sessions provide a safe space where emotions and thoughts can be shared in a non-judgemental setting in order to gain deeper insight and understanding, but also to identify, explore and implement possibilities and actions for change and coping.

Couples counselling

Life is best experienced when it is shared! Still we should remember that  a couple is a combination of two different people and backgrounds uniting, so it is inevitable that there will be situations where we perceive and approach things differently.

Couples counselling can assist in helping couples to understand and accept each other, but also to learn new ways of interacting and communicating in order to overcome challenges and to work and grow together as a unit.

Please also see “The Parenting Partner” link for more information on how we can assist parents, families and other professionals / people working with children.